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Theresa Adekoya

Hello Taruna,

I just wanted to email you on my shadowing today. I saw about 6 to 7 patients (I should be able to see more in the future) and I was able to see how Dr. Codjoe interacted with his patients. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity of shadowing Dr. Codjoe. In more ways than one, my dreams of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon has been reinforced through this special experience. :)

Theresa Adekoya
Rutgers University Class of 2012

Moises Pena

Dear Jon,

You are without a doubt the most influential person I have met here at Rutgers. You have become my mentor, as well as a parent to me. You are always looking out for me, finding new ways for me to grow and to keep me focused on what I have to do. The summer you reached out to me through e-mail had changed my entire course of how I would perform and develop here at Rutgers. Your advice was always the first I sought out before anyone else’s. I am thankful for your support, kindness, and friendship. A mentor and a parent like you is hard to find, so I will continue to cherish our growing friendship. Thank you for everything. God bless.

Moises Pena
Rutgers University Class of 2012

Manuel Osoria

I want to start off by saying thank you to the entire administration for the amazing job they have done in contributing to our children's professional development and aiding them in their educational journey. We would like to express our gratitude for the ODASIS PROGRAM. Without it, I believe it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for our children to effectively complete their education.

This program offers the competitive edge needed and the crucial training necessary to be sent into the “real world”. ODASIS has represented the essential tool that students need in order to secure a successful position in today’s society. Believe it or not, mathematics and science are the most challenging subjects that students can face, and ODASIS is the department that contributes to making them feel confident in reaching their full professional potential. This program allowed my son to see his future beyond high school. It inspired him to continue his education and to share his success, helping others to join in the program as well.

Mr. Manuel Osoria
Father of Hector Osoria

Hector Osoria

“Dad, without ODASIS, I am positive that I would not be where I am today. The academic support offered to me by ODASIS exceeds far beyond that offered by any other department. They helped me tremendously in all of my science and math classes, they aided me in securing a position in the investigation department at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey[where Grandma will be treated now], and they were a crucial tool of assistance for my MCAT. ODASIS has an outstanding staff that really cares about students' success. They always have their door open, and truly live up to their philosophy which is to put the interest of the student first and foremost.”

Hector Osoria
Cornell Medical School Class of 2014

Kofi A. Brifu

Fortunately, during my son's first semester, he became a part of the Office of Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences. The program provided Frank with additional resources such as academic support to help him through his core classes. Additionally, the program exposed him to the different career opportunities in the health sciences, from physicians and dentists to nurses and other health professionals.

Through the guidance and encouragement from the staff members of the program, my son was able to get through his required classes and the grueling MCAT program and was accepted into the Access-Med program. The Odassis program has been aiding students reach their goals for many years, and I am proud to say that they have helped to bring Frank closer to his dream of becoming a physician and Frank is now attending  Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Mr. Kofi A. Brifu
Father of Frank Brifu

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