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Julissa Veras

Dr. Khan,

My name is Julissa Veras, I am a student at Johns Hopkins University who took Organic Chemistry this past summer at Rutgers; John El-Maraghy is the one who introduced us and asked if I could be a part of ODASIS for Organic Chemistry 2.

First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a part of ODASIS for the latter portion of the summer session! It really helped me improve my grades and allowed me to fine tune my study skills for an accelerated summer course. ODASIS--although time consuming--is a great program that is structured extremely well and allows the opportunity to learn material covered in lecture in a different manner while teaching study skills at the same time, thus making the time investment well worth it. I cannot thank you enough allowing me to participate.

Without belaboring the point, the main objective of this email was to concisely express my gratitude and hopefully I have done just that. Although I am currently at Johns Hopkins for the semester, when I do find myself at Rutgers again, I will stop by to thank you in person and say hello.

Thanks again!
-Julissa Veras-

Larrisha Love

Dear Dr. Khan:

 Thank you so much for the recommendation letter for medical school. I learned so much from you and the ODASIS team during my undergraduate career at Rutgers, and I believe that your faith in me gave me the confidence to achieve more than I even thought possible at times.  I truly appreciate the time you took out of your very busy schedule to meet with me personally and I want you to know that I will be attending New Jersey Medical School in August! I know that I could not have made it to this place without the support of ODASIS and I sincerely thank you.

 Yours Truly,
Larrisha D. Love

Laury Rosefort

I graduated from a small, all girls, private high school where my graduating class was a whopping 44 students. Needless to say, my transition to Rutgers University, where the number of students is well into the tens of thousands, was a big one. While Rutgers is expansive and provides its students with numerous opportunities and resources, it is very easy for students to get lost and subsequently fall between the cracks. That is where ODASIS stepped in for me.It is extremely important for any student to find an appropriate niche in which they can thrive and receive the attention they need and deserve. ODASIS, a program designed to help minorities achieve success in the math and sciences, did exactly that. They provided me with opportunities to demonstrate my leadership skills and willingness to interact with and help people of all ages through my role as a supplemental instructor. They provided me with direction and advice pertaining to my career aspirations. And perhaps most importantly, ODASIS was a great resource for students who were just like you; students with the same aspirations, goals, and struggles. I am currently a first year medical school student at the University of Pennsylvania where I engaged in research two years ago through ODASIS. ODASIS was my niche and was vital to my undergraduate success at Rutgers University.

Laury Rosefort
Douglass College, Class of 2008
University of Pennsylvania Medical School

Christian Gonzalez

As a transfer for another college, I came to Rutgers my Junior year underestimating the challenge academically. Combining that with my decision to pursue pre-dentistry, I fell behind and became lost immediately. When my friend told me about the ODASIS program and how much it contributed to his growth as a student, I wasted no time in going. I can say without any hesitation that was one of the best decisions of my life. Besides the countless number of resources what is so special about it is the genuine passion for the program that all of the staff exhibits as well as the personal relationships that they develop. ODASIS gave me the support, foundation, and study habits to succeed throughout undergrad and now in dental school.

Christian Gonzalez
Rutgers Cook College, Class of 2008
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Class of 2012

Stephanie Torres

In a school with thousands of students ODASIS quickly became my support system.I was provided with various resources that I would not have been able to find anywhere else in my four years at Rutgers. Every program I participated in at ODASIS helped me get one step closer to medical school. Their academic/non-academic support is amazing and ranged from tutoring for my math and science courses to the MCAT preparation course to helping me get ready for medical school interviews. Also, the advisors at ODASIS are great, I was able to approach them with any concerns I had and they were always willing to help. Without ODASIS I would not have been able to excel to the degree that I did, and I would not be where I am today.

Stephanie Torres
Rutgers College Class of 2007
UMDNJ – SOM Class of 2011

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