Aligned with the mission of ODASIS, Bridge to Employment (BTE) is a Johnson & Johnson program established across the world for over 10 years to connect young students to the health care industry and its plethora of career opportunities. Through educational and work-based experiences, BTE aims to prepare its students for higher education and ultimately, a professional role in the health care industry.

The BTE site in New Brunswick, New Jersey, aims to accomplish the following long-term goals in comparison to the city's general population:

  1. Higher math and science GPA of the students
  2. Higher SAT scores of the students
  3. Greater number of high school students graduating with college credits
  4. Greater number of students applying to competitive institutions of higher education in the math, science, or health care disciplines
  5. Fewer number of students requiring remedial placement in college
  6. Greater number of students graduating high school with internship experience

Throughout the four year duration of this program, the project will develop various activities and methods to enhance the students' academic and extracurricular performance. Through college experiences, mentoring programs, workshops, and academic support, the students involved in the BTE project will be transformed into competitive college applicants. The strategies involved are categorized in the following major elements:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Applied Learning Opportunities
  • Career Exploration
  • Link to Higher Education

Program Eligibility

Program eligibility requirements will be determined by Johnson & Johnson and the ODASIS staff within the coming months. The three partners involved in this site include: Rutgers University, Johnson & Johnson Headquarters, and the New Brunswick School District.

For more information, please visit the Johnson & Johnson Bridge To Employment Program website