Jon Langowski 2017

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Associate Director





Jonathan has received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Rutgers University—New Brunswick and he is currently in his dissertation phase of his Ed. D. program where he is studying the effects of Supplemental Instruction on First Year General Chemistry students.  Jonathan is a diligent, proactive, and versatile higher education professional with over a decade of experience in management and student counseling. He is an effective, results oriented leader with a proven track record of effectuating grade productivity and graduation efficiency. Jonathan is a strategic planner with an acute acumen for analyzing complex academic scenarios and increasing operational and organizational efficiency to promote academic achievement. His areas of expertise are in leadership, student rapport, pedagogical theory, and administrative oversight.  Jonathan is interested in learning to understand and use theories and research methods to meet the challenges of practice, particularly those related to equity and social justice in education. 

Jonathan and his wife Sarah, reside in Morristown, New Jersey with their beagle, Bailey.  Jonathan is a faithful contributor to the Beagle Freedom Project (, as well as Animal Rescue, Media & Education foundation (