dr nia cartyDr. Nia Carty, an ODASIS and Rutgers University alum, graduated from the Keck School of Medicine at USC in the spring of 2021. Dr. Carty credits much of her success to the support she received while at ODASIS. “Dr. Khan changed my life. Working with Dr. Young changed my life. ODASIS changed my life. It’s just mind-blowing when I think of the impact that ODASIS had on my life.”
Dr. Carty’s journey began when she was deciding where to go for college. At the ODASIS open house she attended, the words Dr. Khan had a profound impact on her: “If you attend Rutgers and join ODASIS, and stay consistent throughout the entirety of the program, I can guarantee that you will become a doctor.” Although it was grueling- the MCAT course in particular- Dr. Carty found that in placing her trust in ODASIS, she attained her goals.

“There are three major things I credit ODASIS for,” she said. “Discipline, accountability, and support.” Her experience within the ODASIS program helped her cultivate her work ethic, hone her time management skills and understand importance of holding oneself accountable. Dr. Carty also found a network of like-minded peers and outstanding faculty. “You never felt like you were alone,” she said. “One of the first friends I made during my time in the ODASIS STP Program the summer before my freshman year ended up going to the same med school as me, and we’ve remained close friends.”

Dr. Carty’s experience doing lab research at the WM Keck Center for Neuroscience over the summer with Dr. Wise Young was equally as impactful. Dr. Carty researched and analyzed neuroimmune responses to various spinal cord injuries. Not only did she collaborate with peers in an emulation of a research conference, but also meet with people suffering from various forms of spinal cord injuries. Seeing her research being applied clinically to help others was incredibly rewarding.

Under Dr. Young’s tutelage, Dr. Carty was also able to begin her foray into the advocacy of medicine and medical research, particularly in the field of spinal cord injury. “I continued to pursue and develop these interests in medical school,” said Dr. Carty. “Health policy determines how healthcare is delivered in this country, so understanding it is super important.” Dr. Carty is making strides for young physicians across the country.