Dr. Aisha Barber

It’s a privilege to work with colleagues who are caring, thoughtful, resilient, and of course brilliant clinicians every single day.
I am a Pediatric Hospital Medicine Physician and Pediatric Residency Program Director

  • 4 years of Undergrad
  • 4 years of Medical School
  • 3 years of Pediatric Residency (without coffee)
  • 3 United States Medical Licensing Exams
  • 2 American Board of Pediatrics Certifying & Recertifying Exams (Every 10 years)
  • 1 Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Leadership
  • 1 Masters Degree in Education
  • 15 post-training years in practice

And my 2 babies!
Thank you to my family who bears with me, doctors and nurses who trained me, the colleagues and trainees who raise the bar, and the patients who motivate and teach me.