I graduated from a small, all girls, private high school where my graduating class was a whopping 44 students. Needless to say, my transition to Rutgers University, where the number of students is well into the tens of thousands, was a big one. While Rutgers is expansive and provides its students with numerous opportunities and resources, it is very easy for students to get lost and subsequently fall between the cracks. That is where ODASIS stepped in for me.It is extremely important for any student to find an appropriate niche in which they can thrive and receive the attention they need and deserve. ODASIS, a program designed to help minorities achieve success in the math and sciences, did exactly that. They provided me with opportunities to demonstrate my leadership skills and willingness to interact with and help people of all ages through my role as a supplemental instructor. They provided me with direction and advice pertaining to my career aspirations. And perhaps most importantly, ODASIS was a great resource for students who were just like you; students with the same aspirations, goals, and struggles. I am currently a first year medical school student at the University of Pennsylvania where I engaged in research two years ago through ODASIS. ODASIS was my niche and was vital to my undergraduate success at Rutgers University.

Laury Rosefort
Douglass College, Class of 2008
University of Pennsylvania Medical School