Joining ODASIS has truly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Coming from a small high school with less than 300 students to a big state university like Rutgers was a major transition for me. Aspiring to pursue a career in medicine I knew that I needed to excel academically, especially in my math and sciences. My primary concern before attending Rutgers was losing the benefits of an intimate classroom setting to the large lecture halls filled with hundreds of students, in addition to acquiring proper study habits that would lead me to maintain good grades throughout college. Being a part of ODASIS has really provided me with all the essentials that I need to succeed. Through academic support I have been given the opportunity to benefit from the small recitation classes taught by amazing ODASIS instructors who take the time to reinforce and thoroughly explain the most complex concepts presented in lectures. Also, with the help of ODASIS advisors I was taught proper study skills and the importance of time management. In addition to academic support ODASIS has also allowed me to develop friendships and to become a part of a close knit community filled with ambitious students like myself who possess goals and yearn to become successful in life. Without a doubt I believe ODASIS has and will continue to play a major role in my academic career as I strive to achieve my goal of becoming a physician. 

Adeima Ibanga
Rutgers University, Class of 2016