Good Afternoon,

My name is Olivia Ike and I am a former ODASIS student. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the academic resources and coaching I received as an undergraduate student in your program. Navigating the sciences was a challenging one as I was C science student, and ultimately I graduated feeling defeated. However, I realized the biggest challenge in my fight was to gave myself a second chance. Because I did, I now have a Master’s degree and currently trying to determine which dental school I would like to attend in the fall. I have managed to overcome the adversity I have faced in both my personal life and in academia and have become a testament of hard work and courage paying off. I encourage you to continue empowering your students with this confidence of mind, beyond the books, as we are growing up in a world where minority students like me are told and made to feel that we are not good enough. My hope is that one day that this achievement gap in education will be remedied and that my peers and I will be able to give back to our communities in ways such as the ODASIS program.

Thank you and I wish the ODASIS staff and its students the best of luck and much success this remaining school year.

Kind regards,

Olivia Ike

March 7, 2015