Program Overview

AVID is a program that is designed to help those students who are in the middle of their academic class. They are B and C students who often "fall through the cracks" because they do not qualify as gifted or advanced students nor do they qualify as remedial students or students who need extra help. The AVID program is designed to aid these students in taking more challenging classes and in turn, achieve at a higher level.

Program Details

ODASIS plays a large role in providing supplemental instructors for the AVID students of New Brunswick High School, New Brunswick Middle School, and Woodrow Wilson Middle School. The supplemental instructors are Rutgers University juniors and seniors who have been or are presently members of the ODASIS program. A large majority of the students are minorities pursuing careers in the sciences. The program usually runs for an hour-and-a-half on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the Rutgers University academic calendar year. The program is run by a selected undergraduate student who has been a part of the program in conjunction with advisors at each respective school. This student makes the instructor schedule and sets up the dates for training. In the classroom, there are tutorial-based (discussion) groups of 5 or 6 students and one supplemental instructor.


The students are selected based on the national criteria.

AVID High School Participants and Supplemental Instructors


Additional information

To inquire about a tutoring position or to find out more information about the program please contact:

Jonathan Langowski
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