General Biology supplemental instruction session

Program Description

The ODASIS Academic Support Program offers supplemental instruction sessions, discussion groups, academic and career counseling, and motivational and study skills workshops. ODASIS also encourages students to become involved with research training and scholarship opportunities in addition to summer enrichment programs.

General Physics supplemental instruction session

A primary component of the ODASIS Academic Support program is supplemental instruction. Supplemental instruction sessions provide students the tools that are necessary to succeed in their undergraduate courses. Instruction is provided in the following courses:

  • o General Biology 119:115 and 119:116
    o General Biology Lab 117
    o General Chemistry 160:161 and 160:162
    o Organic Chemistry 160:307 and 160:308
    o Genetics 447:380
    o Systems Physiology 146:356
    o Physics 750:193, 750:202, 750:203, and 750:204
    o Introduction to Biochemistry 115:301 and 694:301
    o Pre-Calculus 640:111 and 640:112
    o Calculus 640:135, 640:151
    o Statistics 960:401
ODASIS Study Skills Workshop - Organic Chemistry students partner with General Chemistry and Biology students in a peer based study session